This is the day.

I will rejoice.

The Full-Time-Stay-at-Home-Working-Mom (Part 1)

I get asked a lot how I both stay at home with my kids and work full time from home. While I am not an expert and I do not do this perfectly, this is my attempt to answer how I try to be both a present mom and a good employee.

Do We Really Have All Things in Common?

If we believe that Scripture is true, then we believe that the gospel has the power to unite us as fellow believers, regardless of our disagreements.

My Favorite Parenting Advice

There is one piece of advice that, so far, I have received more than any other. It is always unsolicited. But I never get tired of hearing it. The phrasing may not always be the same but the message is.

Climbing Up the Slide- A Reflection on Habit Changes

In 2020, I leaned into bad habits begun years earlier. It led me to the bottom of a downward spiral in my mental and emotional health. This is the difference changing my habits made to my spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.